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"I want to thank dr Barbosa for answering my call Sunday morning and wanting to help ease pain of qtip my dog who lived 13 yrs and had chf for over 3 yrs but he needed to rest and dr Barbosa s calm compassionate approach is admirable ! I m not from here just arrived here I looked online for vet and came across your name . I read the reviews and accurate they are ! Being my first pet to make hard decision to end his life was made easier peaceful greatly by Dr Barbosa . GREAT VETERINARIAN!"
- Claudine Lichota

"I have been to several different veterinarians in the area over the course of my dog’s young life, and Dr. Joe Barbosa of Animal Hospital of Hallandale is by far the best doctor in town! I had been to fancy vets with elaborate waiting rooms and impressive pedigrees, but none can compare to the level of knowledge, service, and care my dog received from Dr. Barbosa. My pup recently had to go through knee surgery, and after investigating the procedure with a few other offices, I found that Dr. Barbosa is the only one in the area with state-of-the-art laser equipment in his operation room. So it seems that whatever the office lacks in it’s front-entrance appearance, is because he chooses to invest in the best equipment instead. My dog is now healing beautifully, and no doubt, much more quickly because of the laser procedure. In addition, Dr. Barbosa and his staff are friendly, compassionate, and always make me feel welcome. If you need a vet you can trust, give them a call!"
- Esther Z.

I have two beautiful dogs that I call them furry children. Over years, I had brought them to Hallandale Animal Hospital for two different surgeries-paella luxation and hernia. Result? They recovered as if there was nothing wrong. By the time I go to work, he had diarrhea. I called the other vet that I took them since I moved, they asked me to starve him for a day. I had a felling that it wasn't usual. I called Hallandale Animal Hospital, them asked me to bring him in, which I did. By the time I brought him to the hospital, he was bleeding uncontrollably. Poor little baby was getting cold. He had a bacterial infection in his intestine. The whole staff was very attentive, Dr. Barbosa and his medical staff started preparation before any payment discussion. My baby was hospitalized under a strong painkiller and IV fluids or 2 days. Finally on day 3, he STOOD UP!! If you are looking for a vet who you can trust, go to Hallandale Animal Hospital. Over so many visits to see him at the hospital the staff were always nice and caring. I'm very glad that I did not trust the phone consultation or online information. I could have lost part of my family. Again, thank you for saving my furry child

  5 starThe AH of Hallandale is the best. 5 stars. The office is professional, clean, organized, efficient and always on time. The employees are kind, caring, empathetic, and patient. Dr. Barbosa is absolutely wonderful- a master diagnostician . We would not go anywhere else. Dr. Barbosa's has cared for our pets for more than 20 years. If you have a pet and live in the area, I highly recommend the Animal Hospital of Hallandale


March 7

Lori Ayn reviewed Animal Hospital of Hallandale star

Great place. They treat your pet with so much love!!! Dr Barbosa is a sweet person. Im so glad I was recommended by a friend about this place. Thank you for taking care of Safari

Danielle Courboillet --- Dr Barbosa is great! After going to different vets he is the only one that made a correct diagnosis of my dogs issues. The personnel is very friendly and they treat my dog with kindness. Sometimes I think I would like the staff at my doctor's office to treat me that way too. March 10, 2016

Sonia Klainbaum--    The best of the best, very caring. The vet loves animals no doubt about it.     June 10, 2016

  5 starDr. Barbosa was very nice and explained us everything we needed to know! Obrigada, doutor!

  5 starThe best doctor in the world. DOCTOR JOE has so much knowledge about animal and pet owners. Professional and spiritually. Little heaven for us.

  5 starWe want to say thank you very much for your help and patience with our 'little tiger' Vasa . Our friends found him on a street when he was only about 2 weeks .. Sometimes he can be aggressive and wild with other people. But we love him. Thank you one more time for your cooperation. Very good service for this money

-Ellie Joo provided personally by client December 11, 2014

The BEST vet around, I have recommended Dr. Barbosa to ALL my friends. 

-Caterina Montez provided personally by client April 1, 2014

Everyone at Hallandale Animal Hospital is so kind and caring and Dr. Barbosa is an amazing vet. He and his competent team are a real pleasure to deal with. 

-Elaine Lambrechts provided personally by client March 4,  2014

As an animal rescuer and volunteer for The Cat Network I would like to thank Dr. Barbosa from the bottom of my heart for helping me too many times to remember. His surgical and front office staff are amazing. They are so kind, efficient and always try to accommodate me in emergency situations. He is a saint!!!!!!

-Lindsay Donzanti provided personally by client February 24, 2014

Dr. Barbosa has been my vet for about 15 years and I have always been extremely satisfied with the attention I have received at Hallandale Animal Hospital. Jill, Shannon and Carole are very efficient and so are all his techs. I am a rescuer and they treat the stray cats just the same as my pets, they really love animals and I love him, he is Brazilian and so am I!!!!

-Glorida Lawrence provided personally by client January 6, 2014

I would love to recommend Dr. Barbosa at Hallandale Animal Hospital. I have received very good service when I have taken my pets there. He and all his staff are first rate. 

-George Silverglad provided personally by client December 12, 2014

I have been taking a succession of pets to the Animal Hospital of Hallandale for twelve years. Dr. Barbosa has treated our red poodle, Spaniards, for several years and was with us when we had to say the final goodbye at age 17. We took Gigi, our next poodle, to Dr. Barbosa for ten years. She received excellent care and attention age 16. She did pass with kidney failure; Dr. Barbosa an the staff at the Animal Hospital were very kind and helpful when I learned that it was again time to say goodbye. When Miss Patches joined us, the first place she visited was Dr. Barbosa. Thankfully she is still with us and is recovering beautifully from surgery; she was spayed latter in life. When I asked if dogs to through menopause and would she be there soon; Dr. Barbosa explained all the problems that often occur later in life. Miss Patches had surgery the next day; she is recovering beautifully and, again, the staff was great. They never got upset with me no matter how many times I called with questions. Dr. Barbosa also had a rescue kitten that captured my heart in one evening. I would not let the staff list me as the owner on our tril visit. They must have had a good laugh when I walked out the door. It is with joy that I share that a very handsome Billy Boots is healtyhy, happy and the delight of my heart. 

-Carolyn Jacobson, provided by Google February 5, 2013

My family has been taking our dogs to Dr. Barbosa for over a year now. He is amazing and extremely knowledgeable. The people there make you feel at home and there is a sense of personal attention. My dof was not another cog in the factory if that makes sense. Dr. Barbosa is from Brazil and he was able to communicate in Portuges, Spanish and English which helped my mother and father a lot!!!! I really recommend this Animal Hospital!!!

-C. Neves, provided by Google February 8, 2013

I have been going to this Animal Hospital for over 35 years. When Dr. Ward retired, we were worried who was going to take care of our pets needs? Along came Dr. Jose Barbosa. He has been the most caring person I have ever met. He takes all the time you need to discuss procedures. He has a gentle, caring manner with your pets and you. His staff is sensitive to you and your pets needs. Once you've been there you feel like part of the family. Prices and fees are comparable the other Vets. I'm overprotecitve with my pets and he understands completely. When our little Maggie passed to the Rainbow Bridege, they all cried with us. He gets attached to his little fur patients as if they were his own. His own dog and cat roam the back office. His staff also bring in their dogs who have become little greeters when we come in for a visit. Our dog, Max, just had a root canal and got a crown - saving the tooth was crucial since it is one of the back molar ones. Max now has bling! We love Dr. B and his staff. 

-MaxMom 08/04/11 provided by Yahoo Local Profile

 Sue E. Sue H.  Hollywood, Fl  2/10/2010  I live in Hollywood and tried 3 vet offices there before Dr Barbosa at the Animal Hospital of Hallandale was recommended to me.  I have always had several cats and a dog and have been going there now for about 15 years.  The office staff including the front desk, vet techs, Resident Vets and other vets are all caring, warm, friendly and helpful. Some of my pets were cared for to the end of their lives and after they died (one was a 17 year old cat), we received a sympathy card with notes and expressions of support from all the staff.  It was very touching. You will not be disappointed if you bring your furry loved ones here for care!

This testimonial is from Mrs. Suri via e-mail:

I am a big fan!!! Great photo! You all are the best, I will always remember when you put me at ease when Chaka Khan was in Labor, I was so  worried, and afraid and you calmed me down and checked Chaka Khan, and took x-rays, and made me feel so much better, even Chaka Khan felt better, Thank You So Much, Your Biggest Fan!!!

-T. Suri & Chaka Khan

If you ever looked and searched for the perfect vet and care for your pet/friend/family member-look no more! Eureka! you have arrived!! Dr. Jose Barbosa's Animal Hospital of Hallandale greets you with a friendly smile, remembers your pets names, and works you into their busy schedule any time. After 3 years and the care of my 23 cats I have only the highetst regards of Dr. Joe Barbosa and his staff who treated all of my animals with tender loving care and most of all with superior knowledge of their ills. My husband and I give big thumbs up for vet Joe Barbosa and the Animal Hospital of Hallandale. 

- Brigitte Worman- 04/06/09

I was amazed at the high quality of care and the amount of knowledge the staff had from the receptionist to the assistants. I will always bring my cats to the Animal Hospital of Hallandale. I could not think of a better place to care for them. K u d o s to Dr. Barbosa, he is the best. Thank you so much for everything. 

- Selene 12/03/08

I feel very fortunate to have been introduced to Dr. Barbosa and his staff: Dr. Pait, Riolando the Tech, Jill, Denise, Carissa, Shannon, Luvy and many others. From the very first visit with my 10 week old Rottweiler puppies, I knew that I would be forming a lasting friendship. Everyone in this facilty treats my animals as it were their own. Honestly! Scarlet and Bella literally "jump" out of the truck and run to the door when we arrive at the Animal Hospital of Hallandale. My dogs are never agitated or upset when I pick them up, even after a day of surgery or shots. The front desk staff, Jill and Shannon, are absolutely amazing! They fill out my insurance paper work without my asking, they do whatever they can to save me money, without me ever having to ask. I'm now unfortunately having problems with hip displasia in one of my females. Dr. Barbosa spotted it very early on which will allow Bella to have surgery and live a more normal canine life. I recommend them with all my heart. 

-M. Perodeau RN, BSN- owner of Scarlet and Bella 4/26/2008

I cannot say enough about the love and compassionate care I received from all the folks at Animal Hospital of Hallandale. During the course of my puppy's (Rocco) medical adventures ( I think he spend a total of close to 10 days on 3 occasions at the Hospital), I had the opportunity to interact with both Dr. Provci and Dr. Barbosa, as well as with Jill and the rest of the friendly and caring staff. Things weren't looking good for poor Rocco when I brought him in, but the staff worked their magic and the story has a happy ending. I cannot imagine a more caring, patient, dedicated, and compassionate group of perople and I will never have anyone work on Rocco if I can help it. I had the best experience I can imagine, and feel like Rocco has an extended family ( and fan club!) at the AHH. I would hightly recommend them and I look forward to my next visit, as long as Rocco's doing fine! :-)

-Steve Cabeza - 10/7/2009

Thank you for taking me in today as my 13 year old cat Tito had a medical emergency. The vet I met was very honest and caring with me and my cat. It was a hard situation especially since I literally looked over and saw this vet as I was turned away by our typical vet (long story) but I appreciated the attention in my little emergency moment it was appreciated more than you know.

- Kristin Libby 6/29/2017

We LOVE OUR Dr. Barbosa. Doc and office staff makes us feel so comfortable - both our dogs somehow love going to the vet. So much experience, knowledge, and kindness -- we're sooo lucky to have you as our vet.

- Christie Downs 10/20/2017

A friendly and very very scientific place to bring our pets. We are full of confidence

- Jorge Pereira 9/23/2017

I thought I was getting special treatment but reading these other reviews it became clear. With over 2 decades of experience, you have to agree that your pet is in very good hands.

- Felipe Gil Rodriguez 7/14/2017

Great place. They treat your pet with so much love!!! Dr Barbosa is a sweet person. Im so glad I was recommend by a friend about this place. Thank you for taking care of Safari.

- Baptista Giannie 10/18/2016

Dr. Barbra's has cared for our pets for more than 20 years. If you have a pet and live in the area, I highly recommend the Animal Hospital of Hallandale!

- Lori Ayn 1/03/2017

We want to say thank you very much for your help and patience with our 'little tiger' Vasa . Our friends found him on a street when he was only about 2 weeks .. Sometimes he can be aggressive and wild with other people. But we love him. Thank you one more time for your cooperation. Very good service for this money.

- Anna Malikova 7/31/2015

The best doctor in the world. DOCTOR JOE has so much knowledge about animal and pet owners. Professional and spiritually. Little heaven for us.

- Claudia Sharp 8/03/2015

Check out the animal hospital of hallandale. Great service,Friendly Staff and Caring Doctor

- Vida Boa Jeannette 2/06/2012

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