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Can My Pet Get Depressed?


Does My Pet Dream?


What to Do If Your Pet Eats Grass

Bloat in Dogs


Managing Your Pet's Arthritis

3 Reasons Why Your Pet Could Be Coughing


Why is My Dog Vomiting?


Pet Health- How to Prevent Motion Sickness in Pets?


Pet Health- Do I Have to Vaccinate My Pet?


Obesity and Diabetes in Pets


National Heartworm Awareness Month Focuses Attention on a Potentially Deadly Disease


Who's Healthier: Purebreds or Mixed Breeds?

What is Mange?


Euthanasia: Saying Goodbye


Caring for Your Older Pet


Keep Your Pets Calm During the Holiday Season 


Caring for Your Pet Before & After Surgery


Becoming a Service Dog

September 2016

Is a Cat Enclosure Right for Your Cat?

August 2016

Spaying in Dogs

June 2016

Anal Gland Tumors

October 2015

Pet Health - Prepare Your Pets For Halloween

November 2014

Pet Health- Acupuncture as Pain Management for Pets

October 2014

Dogs- Types of Diabetes in Dogs

September 2014

Cats- Two Common Diseases of Geriatric Cats

Pet Health- Dangers of Rodent Bait

August 2014

Dogs- Canine Lyme Disease

July 2014

Cats- Fun Cat Trivia

Pet Health- Adopting a Pet is Just the Beginning

June 2014

Dogs- Having a Positive Experience at the Dog Park

Pet Health- Flea Preventative Medications: Oral vs. Topical

May 2014

Cats- How to Keep Your Cat From Getting Fat

April 2014

Dogs- Understanding Canine Compulsive Disorder

Pet Health- When Your Pet's Food is Recalled

March 2014

Cats- Create an Environment Your Cat Will Love

Cats- Marijuana Toxicity in Pets

February 2014

Dogs- Evaluation and Diagnosis of a Red Eye in Dogs

Pet Health- Glaucoma in Pets: What You Need to Know

January 2014

Cats- Managing Feline Asthma

Pet Health- Pet Ownership and Your Health

December 2013

Dogs- Addison's Disease in Dogs

Pet Health- New Uses for Animal DNA

November 2013

Cats- Catnip: Why Cats Love it

October 2013

Dogs- Vomiting Versus Regurgitation 

Pet Health- Lumps And Bumps: Routine Visits Pay Off

September 2013

Dogs- Planning For Your Dog's Health Care

Pet Health- Nothing Heartwarming About Heartworm

August 2013

Cats- Grooming is About Health Too

Pet Health- What to do When Your Pet Goes on The Carpet

July 2013

Dogs- Is My Dog Sick?

Pet Health- Why Pet Nutrition Matters

June 2013

Pet Health- Pets Can Have Allergies?

May 2013

Dogs- Canine Hip Dysplasia: Causes & Treatment

Cats- Understanding Renal Failure in Cats

April 2013

Pet Health- Pretty Poisonous Plants

Dogs- Acute Kidney Injury in Dogs

March 2013

Pet Health- Ringworm in Cats and Dogs

Cats- Caring For Senior Cats

February 2013

 Dogs- Dog Allergies and Lesion Locations

January 2013

Pet Health- Put Some Teeth Into Your Pet's Dental Care

Cats- Diabetes in Cats: Prevention and Treatment

December 2012

Pet Health- Giardia: A Parasite of Many Species

Dogs- Obesity in Dogs

November 2012

Pet Health- Ten Tips to Keep Kids and Pets Safe

Cats- Common Feline Skin Conditions: Protect Your Feline

Pet Health- Leptospirosis

October 2012

Dogs- How Safe is Your Dog’s Food?

Cats- Does Your Cat Need Vaccines?

September 2012

Dogs- Canine Juvenile Orthopedic Diseases

Pet Health- Don't Delay Pet Care While You Surf For Answers

August 2012

Pet Health- Can PBDEs Harm Your Pet?

Cats- Heart Disease in Cats

July 2012

Pet Health- Make Your House Pet Friendly

Doctor's Announcements- We're on Facebook, Google +, and Twitter!

Pet Health- Creepy, Crawly Critters

June 2012

Pet Health- Creating A Pet Friendly Yard

May 2012

Pet Health- What is an Emergency?

Pet Health- Is Your Pet in Pain?

April 2012

Dogs- Does Your Young Dog or Puppy Have Pain or Lameness?

Pet Health- Feeling Apprehensive About Pet Treatment Involving Anesthesia?

March 2012 

Cats- Keep Cats Moving and Grooving

Pet Health- Nutrition Terms

February 2012

Cats and Dogs- Pet Weight Critical to Wellness of Cats and Dogs

January 2012

Dogs- Fitting Fiber into Fido's Food Bowl

December 2011

Pets- Fatal Rabies Disease is Preventable

Dogs- Does Your Family Have a Dog Theft Prevention Strategy?

November 2011

Pets- Take Preventative Measures When Sleeping With Pets

October 2011

Pets- Pigs as Family Pets

Cats- Family Cats and Pregnant Women: Take Measures to Prevent Toxoplasmosis Infection

September 2011

Dogs & Cats- Multiple Pets Benefit Families

Dogs- Six Tips for Keeping Your Dog Cool

August 2011

Dogs & Cats- How to Take Care of Your Pet's Nails

July 2011

Dogs & Cats- Pet Food Allergies?  The rules for a Pet Food Trial Have Changed

Cats- 6 Rules to Improve Your Cat's Diet

June 2011

Pets- New Pet? 7 Questions to Ask Your Family Veterinarian

May 2011

Dogs & Cats- Don't Sneeze at Pet's Cold or Flu-Like Symptoms - Get to Your Vet

Dogs- A Tired Dog is a Happy Dog

April 2011

Cats- Unnecessary Risks Cat Owners Take

March 2011

Dogs- The Most Expensive Dog Breeds

February 2011

Dogs- 5 Ways to Protect Your Dog's Hearing

January 2011

Dogs & Cats- Questions to Ask When Considering Which Pet Health Insurance to Buy

December 2010

Dogs- Foods to Avoid for Pets on Low Sodium Diets

November 2010

Dogs- Dogs Going Green

October 2010

Dogs & Cats- Ear Problems for Pets

September 2010

Dogs & Cats- Prevention of Heatstroke During the Summer

August 2010

Dogs & Cats- Pet Care During Tough Times

July 2010

Dogs & Cats- Summer Specials & Hurricane Information

June 2010

Dogs & Cats- Anesthesia Free Dentistry

Dogs & Cats- Animal Hospital of Hallandale Summer Specials

May 2010

Cats- Lilies are Dangerous to Cats

Doctor's Announcements - Thank You from Dr. Barbosa- Animal Hospital of Hallandale

April 2010

Cats & Dogs- Understanding Pet Behavior

March 2010

Cats- Matters of the Heart

February 2010

Dogs- New Pets Help Families in a Changing World

January 2010

Dogs - The Myth of Natural

December 2009

Cats - Holiday Hazards

November 2009

Dogs - Basic Dog Training

October 2009

Dogs - The Incredible Sense of Smell in the Dog

September 2009

Dogs - Internet Reunites Lost Pets and Owners

August 2009

Dogs - The Canine Genome and DNA Testing

July 2009

Dogs - Traveling with Your Pet

June 2009

Dogs - H1N1 or Swine Flu Virus

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