It is important for every pet owner to ensure their animals receive their vaccines on time. Our team at Animal Hospital of Hallandale is here to make sure that every pet owner in the Hallandale Beach, FL, area understands the basics about vaccines and veterinary care

Core Canine Vaccines

It is important for every pet owner to make sure their dog receives its vaccinations on time. These vaccines play an important role in protecting dogs from dangerous diseases that might lead to long-term complications. Vaccines result in solid protection from these dangerous viruses and bacteria.

Some of the core canine vaccinations include canine distemper virus (CDV), canine adenovirus (CAV), canine parvovirus (CPV), and rabies. Furthermore, dog owners should also make sure they receive a leptospirosis vaccine. These vaccines are considered both safe and effective thanks to the additional research that has been completed in the past ten years.

Core Feline Vaccines

Like dogs, cats have a core set of vaccines they should receive as well. These vaccinations have been designed to effectively protect cats from common, deadly diseases that have the potential to cause serious harm to cats everywhere. Pet owners need to make sure their cats receive the appropriate vaccines on time.

When cats are less than 16 weeks of age, they should receive the parenteral vaccine. This confers protection against a number of important viruses, including modified live virus FHV1, FCV, as well as FPV. There will then be an additional booster one year later with revaccination taking place every one to three years thereafter. Cats should also receive their rabies vaccine at 12 to 16 weeks of age.

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