At Animal Hospital of Hallandale, pet owners looking for care for their pet need to look no further than our welcoming facility in Hallandale Beach, FL. Regardless of which veterinarian takes care of your pet’s medical care, each brings years of experience to the hospital. Our focus is on their quality of life, which means maintaining good health. Read on to learn more about us and about laser pain management.

Our Focus

Our standard of care is to help your pet maintain his health and to live a good quality of life. We can treat your pet as if it is our own, beginning with a wellness check to determine your pet’s overall health status. From there, a veterinarian on our team may recommend a plan of action if he finds a problem. Whether that means annual exams to gauge your pet’s health each year and make any changes, if necessary, to ensure’ ongoing good health. When your pet isn’t feeling good, we can do an examination, diagnose the problem, and make recommendations for treatment.

Our Hallandale animal hospital is a clinic that is available to help provide the type of care your pet deserves.

Our Services

We offer a variety of services to help ensure your pet’s health and well-being. These include:

  • Boarding
  • Pet Dental Care and Cleaning
  • Urgent Care and Pet Emergency Services
  • Routine Wellness Checks
  • Vaccinations

Our Equipment

Our animal hospital is fitted with equipment that allows our veterinarians to do in-depth testing to clearly see and pinpoint the underlying causes that are resulting in your pet not feeling well. We use CT scanning, ultrasound, and other equipment to diagnose health issues and create a plan of action for treatment.

Laser Pain Management

When pets are in pain, we offer laser therapy, which is non-invasive and does not usually cause your pet any discomfort. The laser is a deep-penetrating light that prompts a chemical reaction. The reaction, in turn, promotes decreased inflammation, decreases pain, and accelerates the healing of injured cells. We offer laser therapy sessions at our animal hospital. Visit us to learn more about how our laser pain management services can help you.

Visit Us for More Information about Laser Pain Management

Our Animal Hospital of Hallandale in Hallandale Beach, FL, has served the community for decades. We are committed to providing our pet patients with the care that they need. Schedule an appointment by giving us a call at (954) 458-3040. A veterinarian at our animal hospital is here to help your pet achieve wellness.