We at Animal Hospital of Hallandale are a veterinary clinic, conveniently located in Hallandale Beach, FL. Our facility offers a variety of clinical and medical services for your pet companions, including vaccinations to keep them healthy and help them avoid contagious diseases or infections that could harm them or cause illness.

Pet owners might have questions about vaccinations. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions. We also invite you to contact our office if you have other questions or concerns about vaccinating your pet. A veterinarian on our team is here to help.

Are there Different Types of Vaccines?

Yes. The veterinary profession often divides vaccines into what are known as “core” and “non-core” vaccinations. Core vaccines are the ones that every pet should be given in his lifetime, and sometimes more than once. These may include vaccines to prevent distemper and rabies.

Non-core vaccines are generally not required unless an animal exhibits certain risk factors or behaviors. For dogs who are very social with other dogs or who regularly spend time at a kennel, the Bordetella vaccine is helpful to prevent them from getting kennel cough. Cats that are often outdoors and possibly exposed to feral cats or other animals should be given the feline leukemia virus (FeLV) vaccine.

What Are the Benefits of Vaccinating My Pet?

When properly administered at the appropriate time, vaccines have lowered the incidence of infectious diseases in pets. The number of pets that suffer from rabies, parvovirus, distemper, and other infectious diseases may be helped due to these vaccinations.

Do I Have to Vaccinate My Pet?

While some vaccinations are optional and many “non-core” vaccines may not be necessary for your pet, some are required by local law or ordinances. The most obvious example is the rabies vaccine. Rabies has the potential to spread from an infected animal to humans. Some pet boarding providers require your pet to be vaccinated from certain disease to in order for your pet to stay with them.

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If you live in the Hallandale Beach, FL, area, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with us at Animal Hospital of Hallandale. We are able to offer vaccines that are required to get your pet and can work in partnership with first-time pet owners to help them create a well-being plan for their pet. Contact us today to learn more about the vaccines available to keep your pet healthy. Call us at (954) 458-3040. A veterinarian on our team is here to help.